Just Let It Go……..

TBN Staff: Ran across this story, and it simply resonated. How many times have we been told we can catch more with honey than vinegar? Or all the management strategies that encourage leaders to accentuate the positive

How Do I Start an IRA When My Work Doesn’t Offer Any Retirement 401K?

Summary - This article provides good direction from which to get started on the path to securing finances for the future and mitigating a stressful retirement, elected or otherwise. We recommend seeking financial guidan

Sexless Marriage?

Help! I’m In A Sexless Marriage Comment:  Very interesting article.  More importantly, we have heard this story more frequently from men as they get older and have been fortunate enough to have been engaged in

Why Do I Score So Low on the Attractiveness Scale for Women My Own Age?

Women in the prime of life know exactly what they want in men. They have kissed their share of toads and danced with enough handsome princes to understand the rules of the game and the goals that truly matter. They have

What are Your Last Wishes?

After your children have left the nest and work is winding down, you may decide to travel. If you find yourself frequently flying or traveling many miles in the car, it is important to consider safety. There is the chan