Why Do I Score So Low on the Attractiveness Scale for Women My Own Age?

Women in the prime of life know exactly what they want in men. They have kissed their share of toads and danced with enough handsome princes to understand the rules of the game and the goals that truly matter. They have

“I Know You’re Having an Affair!”

Imagine this scenario: One day, your wife or girlfriend accuses you of having an affair. She sounds angry, pained, and certain. However, you've been completely faithful to her. Thus, you now feel hurt and frustrated, an

Does Size Matter? What Women Say

It's surely no revelation to say that men and women often view issues of sexuality in different ways. Consider, for instance, the maxim that "size matters." This cliche has endured for many years, but is it true that wo

7 Things to Motivate You to Get Off the Couch

We gentlemen of a certain age can probably think up thousands of excuses to get out of exercising. Some of my favorite examples are as follows: "I’m swamped with work."   "I try to eat healthy foods; isn't