Prostate Cancer and Iodine

From The TBN Staff: The intent of this article is to help the members of the forum to become more aware of issues we may face as we age and to highlight Prostate Cancer and Iodine. We don’t pretend to be medical expe

The Fountain of Youth?

  TBN Staff:   We came across this interesting article and though we would ask YOU if you have had any experiences with Niagen.  I’m sure we would all like to find a supplement that would restore our vigor

Words of Wisdom

Back 9  Staff: Here are a few words of wisdom offered by one of our readers.  We found ourselves smiling and remembering a few more that had been shared with us during our upbringing as well.  We recommend you take

Humor Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

TTBN Staff: We came across this Joke and just had to share. Followed by the article, should cause all of us to reconsider our approach to the daily grind or routine. After all it is about the quality and length of our l

Prescription Drugs and How to Save Your Sex Life

Taking certain prescription drugs can either enhance your experience or make it a dud. If you are experiencing back issue and taking pain medication and muscle relaxers you may just be causing your own erectile problem.