Why Do I Score So Low on the Attractiveness Scale for Women My Own Age?


omen in the prime of life know exactly what they want in men. They have kissed their share of toads and danced with enough handsome princes to understand the rules of the game and the goals that truly matter. They have a keen sense of the man underneath the façade that men put on for the sake of making a good impression.

On Skin-deep Good Looks

Women at any age appreciate men who are easy on the eyes. What constitutes good-looking, however, depends on the eyes of the beholder. Physical attributes such as height, weight and proportion still matter, but the esoteric concepts of charisma and sex appeal become important considerations.

It is important for men to look good on the surface because this is the first filter that the world encounters about you. However, looking good in this sense has more to do with good grooming and consistently taking care of yourself and less to do with extreme measures such as cosmetic surgical interventions. While genes play a part in defining your physical attributes, hard work and diligence are equally important when it comes to the maintenance and enhancement of these parts that nature has so generously endowed.

About Physical Conditioning

The human body is a precisely engineered and highly efficient machine, but it requires scheduled maintenance activities, occasional pampering and regular check-ups for optimum performance and longevity. Women understand this concept really well as evidenced by all time they spend in salons, spas and fitness centers.

The truth is men in the peak of health at any age are attractive on so many levels. When you look good, you also feel good about yourself, and it shows through as self-esteem. Men who take care of themselves exude the confidence of a consistent ace player.

Good health attracts good vibes. Women like to know that men can play the stereotypical role of strong and dependable character when the need arises even if women are quite capable of taking on the world without a bodyguard.

Good Grooming and Healthy Habits

When it comes to developing an appealing persona, the devil is in the little details. Are you conscious of the dirt under your fingernails? Do you diligently trim wayward hair growth in strange places? Are you making an effort to control sporadic or chronic halitosis? Does your dental health belie your lack of dental insurance?

These details may seem too trivial to a man like you with so much to offer the world, but their presence may be indicative of inattentiveness, which is not a good portent for a romantic or platonic relationship. The casually unkempt style that younger men aspire to may send the wrong message to the career women you are after: You are someone trying too hard to be hip and cool, or you are on the brink of homelessness.

On the opposite of the end of the spectrum, a compulsion to look perfectly put together all the time can be off-putting for mature women. Taken too far, grooming habits and personal affectations that indicate narcissism will have women running in the opposite direction because high-maintenance males are often seen as shallow and lacking depth.

Develop a Few Good Lines

Pick up lines are for frat boys. Men who have made it to the top of the mountain should know enough about the world to sustain a good conversation. Develop a healthy interest in current events, or at least, have a passion for a few topics that would help to hold up your end of a dinner discussion.

In the age of the Internet and smartphones, there is very little excuse to remain uninformed about trending topics. It pays to have a working knowledge of topics that interest modern women. It pays even more if you know when to stop talking and start paying attention to the fact that, along with their knowledge of Blahniks and Birkins, women can talk about arbitrage and annuities as cogently as you can.

Financial Order and Disorder

Economic cycles notwithstanding, men of a certain age are expected to have their financial ducks in a row. This means more assets than liabilities, a stable career and a clear understanding of budgets, disposable incomes and retirement planning that does not involve the words Powerball and megaplier.

Some men mistakenly believe that fast cars and fatter wallets are babe magnets. Truth be told, an ostentatious display of one’s ability to spend can horrify rather than impress the kind of woman worth taking home to your mother. Women on an established career path with assets of their own see the mirage of material trappings as a debt trap.

Frugality has its own special appeal, but taking it too far can also be a deal breaker. It is perfectly fine to request a doggie bag for that left over T-bone steak, but stiffing the wait staff on the gratuity marks you as mean spirited and lacking compassion for the less fortunate.

The Intangibles

Attracting the right kind of woman requires tending to the intangibles. Social graces, sense of humor and enough street smarts to navigate life’s little twists and turns without a major meltdown are all crucial to exuding the kind of confidence that attracts self-possessed women. At this stage in the game of life, you control your destiny. Take stock of what you have to offer, and strategize your presentation of this package to your target audience.

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