Self-Medicated, what does it really mean?

Self-Medicated, what does it really mean? If you hear the expression “I self-medicate”, what does that mean to you? I often hear this from others when I am sitting in a support group setting and who are dealin

Emotional Intelligence

  TBN Staff:  Ever wonder why they are so illogical?  Why they don’t listen to reason?  Why they make everything so difficult?  Well it might be time to check out the man in the mirror and learn a little

A-Z of Alcoholism & Depression

TBN Staff: Paul, a researcher for “Rehab 4 Alcoholism” from across the pond in England wrote to "The Back Nine" and offered this article regarding depression related to addiction, specifically alcoholism. We foun

Laugh a little – Live a little longer

  TBN Staff:   We came across this Joke  and just had to share.  Followed by the article, should cause all of us to reconsider our approach to the daily grind or routine.   After all it is about the quality and

SO, you pay more attention to what you put in the tank.

How many times has your doctor told you, that you need to change your intake of food and the types of food. For many that is all the time. So why would we put so many things into our own body and yet if you were talk